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Upload schedule (I'm officially back!)

Hello! I’m back to regular updates~!

I’m opening the monthly subscription tier, just like Patreon. But once I finish all those comics I would put them on sale as a one-time payment option just like the other comics. So you can have the option to support me monthly or wait longer and buy it all later <3

Censored versions are free and the paid tier will have an episode in advance. I’m going to post at least 1 full episode a month.


Here are my plans:

Handcuffs remastered

12 Episodes

tags: slice of life, drama, Taavi x Yrkki story

The timeline starts around the 10th episode of Safeword is Handcuffs, when Oskari and Jesse broke up, and moves towards future events. The beginning is similar to the old version but it’s gonna be a bit different later to flow better with Safewords story.

>> Read Handcuffs now <<

>> Read Handcuffs uncensored <<


Future projects:

Bottoms up

tags: bdsm, coworkers

4 Episodes short story

Two Colleagues find out they both are into BDSM. But turns out they both are bottoms

NSFW extras:

Yrkki x Oskari x Taavi threesome

Taavi has enough of the tension between his boyfriend and friend and suggests they should get along better.

Jesse x Oskari

bdsm, degrading kink, oral fixation

Jesse is a bit insecure about his oral skills so Oskari offers to train him

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