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Plans are Paypal only. You can use my Patreon to buy access to this site or to read Handcuffs Remastered there. 

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  • Ongoing Handcuffs

    Every month
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    • Uncensored access to ongoing comics
    • An episode of Handcuffs Remastered in advance
    • This is a montly subscription
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  • Finished comics

    One time payment to unclock uncensored content
    • Uncensored Handcuffs Old version
    • Uncencoserd Safeword is Handcuffs
    • Collection of short NSFW extras
  • Paused comics

    One time payment to unclock uncensored content
    • Uncensored Surprise of Eternity
    • Uncensored Demon Inside
    • Uncensored Guard dog
    • NSFW extra short comic for Guard dog

For now, I won’t be starting any new long webcomic ideas but I would focus on short and NSFW stories (1-8 episodes long) to be sure I’d finish them and won’t leave anyone hanging cliffhangers. 

After a while if the site and CatiToon group work for you and me, I’d make a poll which dropped comic I should I finish first ; )

If you want to support me more you can donate any amount you wish

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